Editorial: Win Or Lose, Let’s Do It Together

Myolisi Gophe, 19 January 2021

If there’s one lesson sport teaches us, it’s that nobody does it alone.

Games are won and lost as teams, not as individuals. And you may be running your race alone, or score the winning goal yourself – but there are a lot of people who helped support you and get you there, from coaches to teammates to family, friends and fans. Individual brilliance matters, for triumph or tragedy – but in sport and in life, teamwork matters more. And in the time of COVID-19, it matters more than ever.

After the authorities gave green lights to sport activities at grassroots level to resume their activities towards the end of last year, many federations and clubs seized the opportunity to return to sports fields, courts, tracks and courses. 

While many sports people followed the stipulated COVID-19 strict safety protocols, others may have dropped the ball (so to speak). Informal or unsanctioned tournaments, in particular, were reported to be among the worst offenders. Even law enforcement agencies were not strict enough during Level 1.

But the pandemic affects us all – and we can’t beat it alone.

As 2021 started just like the way 2020 ended – with uncertainty and fear caused by the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic – it’s important to remember that…and to look at what works and what doesn’t in amateur sport, and how the sector should perform going forward.

So in this issue we’re doing just that. 

We look at some professional sporting federations that hosted matches with success despite COVID-19, such as tennis, golf, netball and athletics (page 4). We highlight just how big amateur sports is in Cape Town and beyond (page 14). We examine how sports psychology can help us face challenges on the field and in life (page 42), and how you can study up for a successful career in sport science and fitness (page 10). And  that’s just for starters.

COVID-19 has taken the world into uncharted waters, and we have learned the hard way that the pandemic is here to stay. These are tough times for the amateur sports sector, and for all of us, as individuals facing losses – of jobs, of lives, of families and friends. 

But life has to go on. 

We just need to play our part and follow the game plan, by sticking to the proper precautions and protocol, and remembering: we’re all in it together..  

Welcome to the first issue of the new year.  Happy reading – and happy New Year, one and all!

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