Sunday Thoughts: The Week In Sports – The Idiots Everywhere Edition

Nicklaus Kruger 7 February 2021

One week. That’s how long it takes for February to prove that, hey, the world’s still crazy.


So the first vaccines have arrived in South Africa, and lockdown has relaxed again, with beaches opening and alcohol back on the menu. But there’s also load shedding and tea parties by the maddest hatters around.


See? Crazy.


That’s why every week, we like to round up some of the most interesting sports writings out there – so you don’t have to.


So here’s what’s been going down in the last 600 000 seconds or so….



Tokyo Olympics: Vaccines, Risks – And Some Sexism


So the Tokyo Olympics are going ahead, despite some concerns about vaccines, spectators and more – the organisers have unveiled their virus rule book, but not everybody is happy. Also not making people happy: sexist comments by Tokyo Olympics organizing chief Yoshiro Mori. “If we increase the number of female board members, we have to make sure their speaking time is restricted somewhat, they have difficulty finishing, which is annoying,” said Mori. “We have about seven women at the organizing committee but everyone understands their place.” Women’s Sport Trust chief executive Tammy Parlour said that Mori’s comments are further evidence that the whole sporting system needs a shake-up.  And Japanese tennis star (and part US women’s pro soccer club owner) Naomi Osaka took a break from kicking ass at the Australian Open, starring in a comic book, and generally being awesome, to slam the Tokyo Olympics chief’s remarks as well. And many have called for Mori’s resignation – an online petition urging his sacking has already collected well over 100 000 signatures.  Mori’s in good company, though – top sports guys like former FIFA top dog Sepp Blatter and ex-Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone are well known for sexist (and idiotic) remarks. Naturally, Mori has refused to resign over his remarks. Smooth. 



Basketball: Courtside Karen Vs The GOAT

But look, it’s not just the guys at the top – sometimes the most embarrassing folks in sport are the fans. Case in point: Juliana Carlos, 25-year-old (as she made a point of mentioning) influencer who decided to get into a fight with possible GOAT basketballer, activist and 2020 TIME Athlete of the Year LeBron James at a Lakers/Hawks basketball game. Carlos got courtside seats alongside her husband, rich old guy and long-time LeBron James hater Chris Carlos, who got into a heated exchange with James…which escalated quickly when Juliana got involved, started throwing around expletives, and lowered her mask to get in some good zingers…whereupon security ushered her out, because of course they did…there’s a pandemic on, remember? Carlos went on to post a bunch of videos putting forward her stoopid POV, while for his part, James was actually super nice about the whole thing, saying he didn’t think Carlos deserved to be thrown out for trash talking. He also tweeted that “Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!!” though, thus winning the exchange and the Internet. Courtside Karen went on to apologize (weakly), and eventually set her social media accounts to private – as did elder Carlos. Embarrassing stuff, sure – but at least it’s led to some great memes. Oh, and the Lakers won btw: 107 to 99. Sorry, Carlos…



Some More Stoopid Stuff

Nikita Mazepin of Russia and Hitech Grand Prix following practice ahead of the Formula 2 Championship at Sochi Autodrom on September 25, 2020 in Sochi, Russia.

Okay, so that’s all the controversy we’ve got for this week, with everyone else in the world of sport behaving well, and…bwahahahahaha! Nah, just kidding. Plenty of other bad behavior to go around, alas. In Formula One, struggling to bring women back into the fold, 2021 Haas rookie Stefano Domenicall has been fined for running a red light…and oh, yeah, he’s also got a groping scandal to deal with. Meanwhile, Japanese swimmer Daiya Seto has thanked his wife for standing by him after winning his first race following a suspension for having an affair – so sweet of him. And as far as famous affairs go…the Tiger Woods documentary is racking up some views…but the world’s most famous (and contender for GOAT) golfer (and his agent) aren’t exactly thrilled about it. And speaking of TV, did you know that former US President – and sexist, riot inciter and international embarrassment – Donald Trump was a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA)? “Was” being the operative word: SAG-AFTRA said last month its disciplinary committee would meet to decide on action regarding Trump’s role in the US capitol attack, so Trump resigned his membership first SAG’s response: Thank you.” Perfect. And here in sunny South Africa, more than 2,000 members of the South African are still calling for the resignation of Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa. Ah, well.



Rugby News: The Boyz Are Back

Tallest players at the rugby world cup

Alrighty, let’s end off with some good(ish) news, shall we? And for that we turn to the sport with teams of tough people chasing an oblong ball. No, not American football (but hey, happy Superbowl Sunday), but the OG: rugby. So, while the Wallabies have collectively agreed to a multi-million dollar pay cut to help the cash-strapped code through the coronavirus pandemic, New Zealand Rugby has reportedly received an offer amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars from a United States technology giant for a 15% share of its commercial rights. And while young rugby players may groan because World Rugby’s Under-20 Championships will not take place this year , there’s still Olympic rugby to look forward to – and the Blitzboks are doing just that. And finally, South Africa’s premier university rugby championships are back: The Varsity Cup Board has agreed that the Varsity Cup and Varsity Shield, which were prematurely cancelled last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, should go ahead this year. The organisers are also considering a bio bubble and cheaper alternatives of coronavirus testing, as those stipulated by the South African Rugby Union were considered to be too expensive for member universities. So all in all, looks like 2021 is gonna be an exciting time for rugby fans here in SA.



And that’s the week in sport.


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