Editorial: Sports, Adaptation & The New (Ab)Normal

Myolisi Gophe, July 2020

Taken from Cape at 6 Sport’s latest sports magazine issue

One of humanity’s greatest gifts is the ability to adapt. Come what may, we can rethink and redesign ways to negotiate and survive the most difficult changes in life, be they physical, financial, emotional or otherwise. 

The COVID-19 global pandemic has put that adaptability to the test – and it’s been intriguing to see the different ways in which different people in different sectors reacted to the pandemic. And that’s particularly true for sport.

Some organisations cancelled sporting events completely for the remainder of the year. Some decided to wait and see how the situation would develop as the virus progresses. And some tapped into the benefits that technology brings, hosting virtual events, sharing training tips. Time will tell which decision was right.

Consider one much-monitored scenario: that of the European football leagues. While the likes of the French and Dutch football leagues cancelled their competitions way back in April, the Italian, Spanish, German and English leagues resumed their competitions after almost three months. It will be interesting to see which teams will be at an advantage when the Champions League resumes in August. Will it be those that have rested (and been out of action) for almost six months, or those from the league that were not cancelled? Time will tell.

On the local amateur sporting front, reaction to COVID-19 has been as interesting as ever. In this issue we take a look at that, highlighting the impact of the virus in many sporting codes, the response from the different relevant stakeholders, and more.

From training at home to hosting virtual competitions, local sports people have really upped the ante to adapt to the abnormal situation brought by the coronavirus, and shown their “Jack-of-many-trades” skills.  Toni Marks, for example, who’s turned sport to business (page 22). Or basketball coach Relton Booysen, whose COVID-19 dashboard invention has really come in handy (page 28).  

But as much as COVID-19 was unavoidable as our main focus, other mind-blowing developments and achievements could not be ignored. Like the amazing story of stock car racing champion Richardo Davey (page 14), the halted Olympic dreams of athlete Petunia Obisi (page 18), and the inspiring words of Springbok Women Captain Babalwa Latsha (page 9).

Yes, there’s still a lot of sport to talk about.

And I’m proud to be able to do so, thanks to the tireless efforts of the editorial team and contributors, who sacrificed their time and skills to produce another interesting and entertaining edition, free of charge – for the benefit of the amateur sporting community in Cape Town. 

I take my hat off to you. You guys rock!!! 

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